ServerBytes Leaderboard plugin adds new leaderboards and scores to your game.


To add Cloud storage to your game, simply download Unity package and import it into the Unity game, or download Nuget package.


Client setup

The very first step to initialize the plugin is to setup the plugin host:

var pluginHost = ClientFactory.GetPluginHost(appKey);
var leaderboardFactory = new LeaderboardFactory(pluginHost);

// instantiate other plugins

var client = UnityClientFactory.GetClient(pluginHost, ClientFactory.JsonSerializer);

Client.OnConnected += Client_OnConnected;
Client.OnFailedToConnect += Client_OnFailedToConnect;
Client.OnDisconnected += Client_OnDisconnected;

Read more about intallation here

Now, that we are connected with plugin, we can start using one of the plugin services:

private void Client_OnConnected()
    ILeaderboardService LeaderboardService = leaderboardFactory.Create(Client);


Check client services here

Web UI

The Web UI allows administrators to manage leaderboard configurations and scores for their users.

Add Leaderboard

Creating a leaderboard can be initiated by clicking on Add in leaderboard list and after providing necessary data just do Save.

These are the common elements associated with leaderboards:

  • ShortCode is a special unique abbreviation. Once you create an achievement, it can not be modified. Accepted format for shortcode is: [0-9a-zA-Z_]
  • Name represents the name of the leaderboard. It can be between 3 and 32 characters long, for example: Hourly leaderboard. Name can contain alphanumeric characters, and extra symbols such as hyphen (-), underscore (_) or dot (.).
  • Description represents detailed info about the leaderboard that is being created. It can be up to 100 characters.
  • Reset Interval is an interval in which the leaderboard will be reset. When creating a new leaderboard you can choose between Manual, Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.
  • Mode tells leaderboard how the scores are calculated:
    • LatestScore - The Score will be always updated with the new score value.
    • Cumulative - New score will be added to the existing score value.
    • HigherScore - Keep only the higher score value.
    • LowerScore - Keep only the lower value.
  • Ranking Type is used for valuation of the scores, whether the lower or higher score is better.
  • Data allows you to specify custom fields for your leaderboard in JSON format. You can later do filtering by these fields.

Add Leaderboard

List of Leaderboards

Display a list of created leaderboards.
Get detailed info about the specific leaderboard by selecting row in the table.

Leaderboard details

On this page, you can edit the chosen leaderboard.

On page leaderboard details there are a section Leaderboard versions with details of the versions such as Start Date, End Date, and Scores.

Reset Leaderboard is incrementing the version of the leaderboard. Each submitted score is associated with the current version of the leaderboard.

By clicking on the Delete leaderboard button and confirming it by typing in the leaderboard name in the confirmation dialog, the chosen leaderboard will be deleted. Once the leaderboard is deleted, it will be permanently removed, and all scores associated with that leaderboard will be removed.

Leaderboard details


By clicking on the Scores trophy, the score list is shown with the information about particular score such as Rank, UserId, the Display name for the user, Value, Date when the score is inserted and actions that are allowed to be used are edit score value, edit score data and delete score.

Users can have only one score per leaderboard version.

You can have a preview of scores in every leaderboard by choosing the leaderboard version on the top left side.

By populating the User Id field with a certain value and filtering it, you will see the filtered users based on the rank of the chosen User Id.

Filter Score

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