IRelationshipService interface

Provides methods for managing relationships between users.
Note: User has to be authenticated before executing methods from IRelationshipService.

public interface IRelationshipService


Send Friend Request

This method is sending a friend request to certain user with specified userId.
If you already have pending request from user that you are sending request, in that case, send friend request will make you friends. User will not recieve you request if you are blocked that user.

SendFriendRequest(string userId);

Accept Friend Request

Accept friend request from the users that sent you one.

AcceptFriendRequest(string userId);

Reject Friend Request

User can also reject request from the users.

RejectFriendRequest(string userId);

Remove Friend

Remove friendship with user.

RemoveFriend(string userId);

Block User

Blocking some user will restrict that user from your appearance in their search results. Blocked users cannot send friend requests to users who blocked them,

BlockUser(string userId);

Unblock User

Unblocking user will result in initial state between authenticated user and the blocked user.

UnblockUser(string userId);

Mute User

Mute user for stop receiving notifications from that user. You will no longer receive notifications when user gets online or offline, or when relationship status change.

MuteUser(string userId);

Unmute user

UnMute user to continue receiving notifications when your friend gets online, and when relationship status between you two is changed.

MuteUser(string userId);

Get Relationship

Get relationship status between authenticated and selected user.

Returns Relationship.

Relationship GetRelationship(string userId);

Get Relationships

Search for relationship of authenticated user, and get status for each of them.
Use RelationshipsQuery to define query filter.
Returns CollectionResult of Relationships.

CollectionResult<Relationship> GetRelationships(RelationshipsQuery query);

Get Friends Of User

Query for friends of specific user.
Use GetFriendsQuery to define query filter.
Returns CollectionResult of Relationships.

CollectionResult<Relationship> GetFriendsOfUser(string userId, GetFriendsQuery query);

Get Mutual Friends

Get friends in common between authenticated and selected user. Use GetFriendsQuery to define query filter.
Returns Relationship.

CollectionResult<Relationship> GetMutualFriends(string friendId, GetFriendsQuery query);

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