Cloud Storage

ServerBytes Cloud Storage plugin helps you to store and retrieve data relevant to your game. Cloud storage consists of collections and documents. Use Web UI to modify and organize your collection, documents, and indexes.


To add Cloud storage to your game, simply download Unity package and import it into the Unity game, or download Nuget package.


Client setup

The very first step to initialize the plugin is to setup the plugin host:

var pluginHost = ClientFactory.GetPluginHost(appKey);
var cloudStorageFactory = new CloudStorageFactory(pluginHost, ClientFactory.JsonSerializer);

// instantiate other plugins

var client = UnityClientFactory.GetClient(pluginHost);

Client.OnConnected += Client_OnConnected;
Client.OnFailedToConnect += Client_OnFailedToConnect;
Client.OnDisconnected += Client_OnDisconnected;

Read more about intallation here

Now, that we are connected with plugin, we can start using one of the plugin services:

private void Client_OnConnected()
    IStorageService storageService = cloudStorageFactory.Create(Client);


Check client services here

Web UI


The collections tab displays a list of all created collections. Each collection provides details like name, a number of documents, if the collection is used as configuration, read and write access, and actions to edit or remove the collection.

Add collection

To create a collection, select the Add Collection button, and the dialog for creating a collection will pop up. Collection name has to follow the pattern containing alphanumeric characters and extra symbols such as hyphen (-), underscore (_) or dot (.). The length of a collection should be between 1 and 32 characters.

By marking collection as configuration, all documents in the collection, including the collection itself, will become part of the migration when deploying the application.

Note: Configuration setting can not be changed latter.

Permissions can help you to restrict:

Read Access
  • Everyone - every user has permission to read the documents from the selected collection
  • Author - documents from this collection can be only read by their authors
Write access
  • Everyone - every user has permission to edit the documents from the selected collection
  • Author - documents from this collection can be only edited by their authors
  • None - documents from this collection can not be edited

Add collection

Edit collection

To edit the collection, select the Edit collection icon from the Actions column in the collection list.

Delete collection

To delete a collection, select the Delete icon from the Actions column in the list of collections, and the confirmation dialog will pop up. Once the collection is deleted, it will be permanently removed.

Note: Deleting collections will permanently delete all the documents in the collection.

List documents

Selecting a specific collection from the collections list will display assigned documents for that collection. To search through documents, provide document reference or a query filter in the search field. After filling the search input press Filter to see the results.

Each document contains a reference, data in JSON format, and metadata.

Documents list


Add document

The document consists of two parts: Document reference - represents the name of the document and can be between 3 and 32 characters long. It can contain alphanumeric characters including extra symbols such as hyphen (-), underscore (_) or dot (.). It can be provided by the user, or auto-generated. Document reference is unique for the selected collection. Document data - data can be provided through JSON editor.

Add reference

Edit document

Edit document reference and document data.

Delete document

Delete the chosen document for the selected collection. Deleted documents will be permanently removed, and can not be retrieved.

Drop all documents

By pressing Drop all all documents for the current collection will be permanently deleted. This action is not reversible.


Indexes are used for better performance in searching operations. The maximum number of fields in one index is 24.

Add index

  • Field name - the field of the documents in the selected collection. The name should be between 1 and 64 characters long.
  • Order - represent the sort operation on the field.

Add index

Drop indexes

Drop indexes will permanently remove all assigned indexes for selected collection. x

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