AuthenticationResult class

The response for all authenticate methods.

public class AuthenticationResult : OperationResult<AuthResultData>

Read more about OperationResult here.

AuthResultData class

public class AuthResultData


Type Name Description
User User Contains user details
bool UserCreated True if new user has been created
bool UserSwitched True if the operation has changed the logged in user, either from anonymous or from previously logged in user
string RememberMeToken Contains a remember me token, if the setting is enabled

AuthenticateOperation enum

public enum AuthenticateOperation


Name Description
Login Try to login the user. Fails if user does not exist.
Register Try to register the user. Fails if the user exists.
LoginOrRegister Tries to login the user if it exists, or, registers the user if it does not.

User class

public class User


Type Name Description
string Id Id of the user
string DisplayName Display name of the user
string[] Roles Roles assigned to the user

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