Plugin overview

What is a plugin?

Plugins are features that extend functionality of ServerBytes. Plugins allows custom features so that developers can create games that best suit their needs and add desired functionality. The marketplace has more than enough plugins to get you started.

What is marketplace?

Marketplace is a place where you can find plugins. Imagine it as a library where all available plugins are stored in. You can browse and search for plugins in marketplace > list page. Feel free to search marketplace, there’s a good chance you’ll find some that is useful to you.

Plugin details

Simply by clicking on plugin in marketplace you can access plugin details page where you can see all plugin details, features it provides and configuration in markdown. Read the file to learn more about the plugin and understand how to use the plugin.

Install plugin to application

Each plugin listed in the marketplace is available for you to install in your application. From plugins details page you can simply install plugin for selected application by clicking Install button. If you see Select Application button instead make sure to select application in top right corner of the screen. A message displays to confirm Plugin Installed.

Plugin can have many different versions and you can see them by clicking Version on plugin details page. Latest plugin version which will automatically be selected for you.

Plugins Details

If really like certain plugin you can install it for any other application you have.

Unity Asset Store

  1. Go to Download from Unity Asset Store
  2. On the right side pick Download Package option. Your package .nupkg file will start downloading
  3. After download, change its extension to .zip and extract it
  4. Go to lib and copy
  5. You are free to use the plugin

What's next

Now that you have plugin installed see how you can manage it next.

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