Creating a plugin

Plugin name

The first step when creating plugin is to think about what will plugin do and choose a (preferably) unique name for your plugin. Best practice would be to describe what the plugin does and name it accordingly so others can easily find it when searching.

Plugin name is required and must be non-empty string. It also should preferably be unique and have between 3 and 32 characters. Plugin name must start and end with alpha-numeric characters, but can include extra symbols between such as: hyphen (-), underscore (_) or dot (.).

Plugin tagline

Plugin tagline is short one-line description of your plugin. It should concisely and clearly tell you what plugin is about.

Plugin visibility

Sometimes a plugin you create is just for your personal use. If thats the case you should toggle off public slider. Private plugin can be seen and used only by you.

But many people like to share their plugins with the rest of the community. By setting public toggle slider on, your plugin will be accessible in marketplace so everyone can find and install it.

You can choose any option you wish as you can change it later if you change your mind.

Plugin files

You can upload 3 files:

  1. Zip file (rar/7z/zip) - which contains dlls
  2. Readme file (md file) - which contains plugin info
  3. Js file (umd.js file) - which contains build web module

The zip file can contain a single folder which contains the dlls or can contain the dlls directly.

Readme file is meant to act as a source of information for your plugin. Here you should describe what your plugin does and functionalities it provides. You should also explain how to use the plugin and what options you can change and how to configure them. If your plugin has more than one version you should emphasize what is this plugin version new features.

If you wish to add visual element to your plugin to can build javascript file. Learn more about plugin frontend here

You can also upload image for your plugin and see preview of that image. If you don't upload, default image will be provided for your plugin. Allowed image formats include: .png, .ico, .svg, .jpg, .jpeg. Maximum allowed image size is 300kb.

Create Plugin

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