Managing created plugins

Plugin details

On plugin details page you can see plugin image, name, tagline, details, features and configuration in markdown. Read the file to learn more about the plugin, and to follow configuration instructions.

There are 2 different ways to access plugin details:

  • From marketplace > list page by clicking on wanted plugin
  • From application details page if you have that plugin already installed by clicking on plugin details

Plugin version

Plugin developers update their plugins occasionally, and if update for plugin you installed is available you will see Update Plugin button. By clicking Version you can see all plugin versions. You can also install previous plugin versions by selecting it and clicking Downgrade Plugin, but it is not recommended unless you have specific reason as it may not be compatible or may have issue.

If you are plugin owner you will have access to plugin management tools.

Upload new plugin version

ServerBytes community relies on plugin developers to maintain a stable and working version of their plugins. For this purpose or to improve your plugin functionalities you can upload new plugin versions. Click on Upload New Version when new version of your plugin is ready. As files structure for upload is the same as create you can check it here. Your plugin version is read from dll file so make sure to update it as we don't allow uploading same plugin version.

Archive plugin

You can archive your plugin by clicking on Archive Plugin button and then confirm by typing plugin name on the confirmation modal.

Have in mind that if your plugin was public and users had it installed in one of their apps, plugin can still be accessible for use and documentation purpose. However plugin will have This plugin is archived tag and can not be installed anymore. Archived plugin will not be present or searchable in marketplace.

Archiving plugin is non reversible, once plugin is archived there is no going back.

Plugin visibility

You can easily change plugin visibility.

If you want to share your awesome plugin with anyone you should set public toggle on. Public plugin will be present and searchable in marketplace so other can install it and enjoy it too.

Private plugin can be seen and used only by you. If plugin is only for your personal use toggle off public slider.

Note: Have in mind that if your plugin was public and users had it installed in one of their apps, they can still use the plugin and can access the plugin page for documentation. However new users can't install your plugin anymore even if a user has the URL of your plugin. Also private plugin won't be present or searchable in marketplace.

Plugin Management

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