Getting Started

Welcome! We are excited to help you developing your game.

This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to get started with ServerBytes.

Create account and start exploring ServerBytes

ServerBytes is a platform covering many aspects of your game backend. To start exploring, visit ServerBytes.

Before getting started as a new user, you'll need to create an account on the ServerBytes Portal. Click on Sign Up to create account.

Sign In

You are taken to sign up page where you need to enter your name, email and password and click Sign Up.

Sign Up

Once sign up, you can from now sign in. If this is your first time using the ServerBytes Portal, you'll be taken straight to the home page of the application-creation process.

Apps List

Create an application

An application is a project to which you add functionalities. Think of application as a game you develop.

Click on New App and enter the application name. You can also upload image for your application or you will be provided with default image.

New App

After the application is created a message displays Application created and you will be taken to application details page.

App Details

Note that opening the application details page will select that application. Selected application is displayed in the top right corner.

Your application is put into Development mode. This is the mode where you build your game. When you are ready to publish your changes, you can deploy it to the Production mode.

Next, you can start adding features to this application by installing plugins.

Install plugin

Features are available as plugins and can be easily added to your application in just one click.

Visit our Marketplace to view all available plugins and choose plugin which best suite your needs to get started. You can click on plugin to view more details about plugin and its features.

Plugins List

After you have chosen plugin, simply click Install button to add plugin to your selected application. The plugin is installed to development mode and your application development mode is immediately redeployed when you make changes to your application.

Plugins Details

It is recommended to make changes and develop your game in development mode and only deploy to production when you are finished with feature you are making. For more info about application modes and deploying to production read here.

Plugin Install

Custom features

We realize that all games are unique and that no product can satisfy all your requirements. That is why we have created a platform that offers you common features but also enables you to write your own features.

You can create your own plugins. To learn how to do that start here.

Want to add new feature to your plugin? Learn how to upload new version here.

What's next

At this point, you have successfully created an application and installed a plugin. Congratulation! The next step is to add ServerBytes to your game. See installation for more info.

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