Application overview

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What is application?

At ServerBytes, an application is a project to which you add functionalities. Think of application as game you develop.

Creating application

When you signed in, you will lend on applications > list page. By default, all your created applications will be here.

Click on New App and enter the application name. You can also upload image for your application and see preview of that image. If you don't upload, default image will be provided for your application.

Naming convection

Application name is required and must be non-empty string. It also must be unique and have between 3 and 32 characters.

Application name must start and end with alpha-numeric characters, but can include extra symbols between such as: hyphen (-), underscore (_), whitespace ( ) or dot (.).

Allowed image formats include: .png, .ico, .svg, .jpg, .jpeg. Maximum allowed image size is 300kb.

Selecting application

When you create application, a message displays to confirm Application created and you will be redirected to application details page where you can see details for your newly created application.

When you create application or have only one application it will automatically be selected for you. However if you have many applications select application drop-down menu on the top right corner of your screen may be handy. The application drop-down menu provides quick access to all of your applications and allow you to quickly change selected app by clicking on application name and load data according to it. By clicking on application image in dropdown menu you can quickly access application details page.

What's next

Once you created your application or few, you can have a look at your application details or menage your applications.

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