What is ServerBytes?

ServerBytes is platform for faster and more efficient game server development.

Single platform to build your games

ServerBytes enables you to use highly extensible single product so you can focus on creating great games. We want to help game developer teams to work more efficiently by creating automated game development process, which will take care of repetitive boring parts and allow developers to fully focus on core game features.

Unlimited set of functionalities as plugins

ServerBytes is highly extensible platform. All platform features are available as plugins, which can be easily installed, written and shared. Simply by using ServerBytes platform features such as plugins you can significantly reduce resources needed to create game, so your awesome new game can sooner run in production.

Easy way to create custom features

However, we are fully aware that no matter how many features we provide we are no match for creative individuals like you. Thats why we created a perfect environment for you to easily create your custom features with no limits and restrictions.

Our Mission

As game lovers ourselves, our mission is to make a user-friendly and collaborative product so everyone can contribute. This will allow more great games to be made and not just left as ideas due to complex development process.

What's next

The best way to discover ServerBytes full potential is to try it out.

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